Nuts and Bolts

Shopping List:


Bathroom trailer

Caterer's kitchen


Seating and Decor.


These standard items are readily sourced from these fabulous Vendors listed below.


Your Event Planner-Coordinator will communicate with these folks, working their special magic to conduct them all together in a seamless Orchestra that is beautiful to behold!



How do we create these amazing events? With a little help from our friends of course! Take a look and see the pieces that come together seamlessly for your event here at Dos Pueblos Ranch.

Bright Event rentals provide kitchen/catering setup, furniture, seating, decor and beyond.


Lighting and curtains, decor and more come from Bella Vista Designs for a perfect match!

Bella Vista Designs lights up your life! Check out their website for more inspiration!

Bathrooms better than yours! Marborg is the industry standard for great service, professionalism and high quality product. Their bathroom trailers are simply the best!